San Jose Mayor Pushes State Ballot to Cut Retirement

Chuck Reed, contender for “California’s Worst Mayor,” has filed papers for a statewide constitutional amendment to allow state and local governments to cut retirement benefits for current public employees.  The measure, which is also backed by the mayors of four small California cities, was filed with the Attorney General in October.  Reed says he is aiming to start collecting signatures soon and hopes to get it on the November 2014 ballot.

“We are taking this threat very seriously and are gearing up for what may be the biggest fight in Local 21’s history,” said Bob Muscat, Executive Director.  Local 21 and leaders of other California unions have already begun meeting to map out a strategy to keep the measure off the ballot and to defeat it should it qualify for 2014.  One big unknown is what deep pocket billionaires may be willing to fund the measure.  Just recently, the Fair Political Practices Commission levied a $1 million fine against two Arizona non-profits linked to the Koch Brothers that donated $11 million in secret donations to two California political committees backing the anti-union Proposition 32 and opposing Proposition 30 to increase taxes.

“We’ve been flooded with calls from members worried about their retirement security and ready to hit the streets,” explained Muscat. Here are two ways Local 21 members can fight this measure:

1.    Stay informed! For the latest information visit the California public employee union retirement coalition.

2.    Become a member of the TJ Anthony Political Action Fund to raise money for the coming fight. All Local 21 members are asked to give $5 per paycheck to make sure we have the funds to reach voters. If you can give more, the money is needed.  If you’re still recovering from the recession, give what you can.