San Jose Members Fight to Safeguard Vested Benefits, Participate in Trainings


On May 2, San Jose’s City Manager unveiled a Five-Year “Fiscal Reform” Plan proposing that the City create a hybrid Social Security-Defined Contribution plan for new hires instead of the Defined Benefit retirement plan that current workers have.

The 61-page outline includes capping the City’s contribution to the retirement system at the 2010-11 level; lowering the retiree healthcare plan premium by 25 percent; and changing a proposed two-tier retirement system for new hires from a Defined Benefit plan to a hybrid of Social Security-Defined Contribution plan.

Local 21 members say the City Manager’s Five-Year Plan is unacceptable as proposed. This plan is overreaching, unproductive, and flies in the face of reason.

Local 21 will work toward using accurate, fact-based data and analysis to present another way to achieve budget savings that preserves jobs and city services, and does not relegate retirees to the Food Stamp line. The U.S. and California constitutions’ “contract clause” protects vested benefits and Local 21 will fight to make sure that what was promised is delivered.

In preparation for a tough budget year, South Bay members participated in trainings for Stewards, Negotiations, and New Officers.

Attendees included:

  • AEA, Henry Servin
  • CAMP, Bernice De La Rosa, Ron Eddow, Matt Farrell, Cay Denise MacKenzie, Phyllis Dawkins-Thames
  • ES, Tracy Hemmeter, George Cook, Marie Garcia, Luis Ortiz, Tracy Ligon, Sarah Young, Metra Valle, Johanna Castro, Arvind Tailor, Pari Khosraviani, Ron Piette, Lotina Nishijima
  • PMA, Jim Crowley, Behzad Ahmadi, Art Taylor, Louisa Mendoza, Deborah Caldon
  • SCCEAA, Jim Baker, Judy Coyle
  • TAEA, Franceen Weisert-Anderson, Harry Yip, Jagdish Dadhania, Marc DeLong, Bob Magliocco, Raj Sehdev