San Leandro Member Patrick Grajeda Pushes for Continued Investment in Public Infrastructure

City of San Leandro employees represented by Local 21 are well on their way to a new contract. A key part of the negotiations is Local 21 bargaining team member Patrick Grajeda, who has played an instrumental role in solidifying three Tentative Agreements so far.

“I am very confident that we will settle,” Grajeda said. “The economic times have changed. The city is considering that we haven’t had significant raises in over 8 years. If we hold the line in solidarity we'll get a fair contract.”

The former Local 21 chapter president and sixteen-year resident of San Leandro, Grajeda remains active in his community as well.

“I think that it’s good to be involved. If you’re not going to educate yourself on what’s happening, you’re going to be in the dark on some things,” he said.

A key issue right now he is working on is the Measure HH, a proposed extension of Measure Z beyond 2018, an initiative seeking to continue investing in the City’s public infrastructure based on sales tax revenues. He presently sits on the HH Oversight Committee.

“As a long-term resident of San Leandro and city employee here, I think taxpayers would be totally supportive of the measures, when they see that the extra money would go to maintaining our streets and summer camps for kids,” he said. A private firm Godbe Research found in a public opinion poll that 66.9 % of San Leandro’s population currently favors Measure HH.

For Local 21 members in his region and elsewhere, Patrick recommends getting becoming active at the workplace -- and at home.   

“Everything that you have right now -- good benefits and wages -- is because people worked hard and got involved,” he said. “So don’t stick your head in the sand. Get involved in your union. Serve on a community board, do precinct walking. It’s very beneficial to you and your fellow workers.”

On July 7, 2015, the San Leandro City Council voted unanimously to place Measure HH on the November 4th election ballot. Measure HH extends Measure Z, San Leandro's local sales tax approved by voters in 2010, at the half-cent rate for thirty years.  Measure Z currently expires in early 2018 if Measure Z is not extended by Measure HH, the City would need to plan for $4 million to $5 million in reductions to existing programs and services.