Santa Clara Valley Water District Chapters Convene Joint District-Wide Meeting

For the first time at the Santa Clara Valley Water District, we held a joint membership meeting between Local 21’s Professional Managers Association (PMA) and Engineers’ Society (ES) chapters, and AFSCME’s unit. 

The turnout was great with more than 120 people attending, leaving standing room only. Our joint agenda addressed issues facing all employees at the District, including a large-scale classification and compensation study the employer is undertaking. We also discussed Propositions 30 and 32 on the November 2012 ballot, as well as Board candidates for the District. Local 21 members are excited about the potential of having a united a front with all of the bargaining units in the district, which will give all District employees greater leverage in our interactions with the employer.

Photo: Chapter Presidents Metra Valle (ES), Art Taylor (PMA), and Liz Bettancourt (AFSCME); photo by Stan Young