Santa Clara Valley Water District Members Stand for Respect, Trust

More than 60 Engineers Society (ES) and Professional Management Association (PMA) members asked their employer to increase transparency and morale at the Santa Clara Valley Water District. At the District’s November Board meeting, ES and PMA stood with AFSCME, demanding the Board be more respectful with employees. ES President Metra Ulloa spoke on behalf of all three bargaining units and presented a petition with more than 430 signatures to the Board. 

When Ulloa spoke, members of all three units held up signs in blue (representing Local 21) and green (AFSCME) that read, “One District,” “Respect,” and “Trust.” Roughly 60 Local 21 members attended. 

The petition presented to the Board, which had signatures from two thirds of employees, stated:

“Reinstate language… that recognizes the importance of positive labor-management relations and work with us to restore respect, trust and a peaceful labor environment. Further, we ask the CEO and Board to affirm that we are one district by committing to:

  • Openly communicate, cooperate, and recognize that we share responsibilities essential to the successful performance of our work and that through meaningful collaboration we can be successful.
  • Demonstrate honest and fair leadership at the highest level of the organization, and resolve that “management and employees will demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, honesty, and conduct to inspire trust and foster collaboration with each other, customers, and the community.”
  • Exemplify the District Values Statement in all aspects of labor-management relations.”