SF Members Villareal-Mayer, Ascano Receive "Good Government Awards"

On Monday, March 19th, Local 21 members and other public employees recognized for their creative service to the City, will be honored at the 32nd Annual Good Government Awards. Two Local 21 members will receive this award for their assistance in developing a Municipal Tax Automation system.

Rebecca Villareal-Mayer, Senior Information Systems Business Analyst, and Darrell Ascano, Senior Information Systems Engineer, have taken key roles in automating the way San Francisco taxes are reported and paid.

“Our department used to print tax forms in the Northwest, review proofs that were sent overnight for approval, then mail the forms once they were shipped back to San Francisco.” Rebecca Villareal-Mayer says, emphasizing the convoluted system. “Until 2010, a San Francisco business was still using a pen or pencil to file their taxes. Businesses with multiple locations like Starbucks, Walgreens or Safeway would have pages reporting information for each one of their stores that would have to be submitted manually. As a result, City staff spent time correcting basic math and deciphering handwritten information on forms. Now everything is automated online and we save tremendous amounts of paper, resources and time. We no longer have a budget for temp workers around tax season.”

Rebecca Villareal-Mayer began working for the Treasurer and Tax Collector in 2009 and lives in the Richmond District where her children attend public school. She says, “I’m happy to contribute to the city where I live.”

Darrell Ascano began working for the City about 20 years ago. He is proud of the automation system that he and his coworkers implemented. “We can electronically send the appropriate forms to recipients, and it’s easier than ever for all parties involved. The system has increased compliance within the business community and generated more revenue for the City,” he says.