Solano Chapter Leaders Discuss Next Steps

Since being recognized by Solano County and officially affiliating with Local 21 in January, the Solano Executive and Senior Management Employees chapter is set to send its demand for bargaining in early March, while continuing to implement the chapter infrastructure necessary for getting off the ground. Solano leaders met in February to put in motion a campaign plan with a variety of critical components, including informal “coffee hours” to provide bargaining updates, the drafting and ratification of by-laws, the continuation of an internal recruitment drive, and subcommittee work tasked with research needs and member outreach.

Representing executive and senior management, the chapter’s priorities are maintaining the status quo in the face of impending cuts, while eliminating disparities in the toll taken by previous cost-cutting measures. Organizing Committee member and chapter leader Nancy Calvo said that organizing and affiliating with Local 21 finally gives managers “a voice” at the table. With this newfound voice, the leadership is excited to get to the table and bargain. They expect a contentious fight. For much of March and April, while the Bargaining Team meets with County negotiators to set ground rules and define their positions, the chapter will continue its work to institutionalize an internal structure, while continuing to provide excellent public services to Solano County’s residents and families.

Photo: From front left, Nancy Calvo, Tess Lapira Susan Zialcita, Halsey Simmons, and Keith Hanson. Photo by Justin Decker.