Solano County Executive and Senior Managers Join Local 21

Representing executive and senior management professionals, the Solano County chapter of Local 21 is set to begin negotiations over its first contract, following a successful organizing drive resulting in a membership rate hovering over 40%. Solano chapter leaders and Local 21 staff expect that number to increase over the coming months as one-on-one contact is intensified, while an inaugural MOU is being negotiated. The goal is to strengthen membership levels internally while the Chapter is negotiating its first contract to increase leverage at the bargaining table.

At the last Solano chapter membership meeting in December, the Chapter finalized its nominations for its bargaining team with a roster of six members, four primary and two alternates, representing a variety of departments and positions with the County. The nomination process for the bargaining team was uncontested. The Chapter went on to establish four subcommittees including membership, political, communications and research committees, while indicating that its overarching priority at the bargaining table is to maintain the status quo and have the County recognize past sacrifices.

A Solano chapter campaign plan to support bargaining has been finalized and is in the process of being implemented. The campaign amounts to a “full-court press” in terms of member engagement, internal organizing to increase membership rates, and the integration of a field plan to supplement negotiations. The Chapter is quickly integrating into Local 21 and is prepared to begin negotiating for a fair contract.

The Solano Executive and Senior Management Employees Chapter were unanimously voted into and officially affiliated with Local 21 at the Delegate Assembly on January 26.