Two San Jose Chapters Ratify First Full Contracts

Local 21's two management units in the City of San Jose took a huge step in furthering the protections and procedures for their membership by overwhelmingly ratifying their first full contracts. Voting was held at three different locations over a four-day period.  The City Council approved the MOUs this week.

The City Association of Management Personnel voted 97% in support of the contract, while the Association of Maintenance Supervisory Personnel voted 77% in favor. As this is a one-year contract, we will be back at the table in the spring to continue to fight to restore the 10 percent reductions and other takeaways of the past couple of years.

A big thank you to the Bargaining Teams for each unit – AMSP with Dale Dapp and Angel Alvarez; CAMP with Kara Capaldo, Cindy Rebhan, and Alan Wiley. These members dedicated countless hours to working on understanding the issues and coming up with creative solutions to the problems the membership’s are facing.

Congratulations to the entire membership of both units for achieving full contracts!