Update on Previously Announced Salary Increase

IFPTE Local 21 announced last week that, as a result of the contract bargaining between Local 21 and CCSF, all Local 21 represented CCSF employees will receive a 3.25%** salary increase effective July 1, 2016. However, your take home wages will actually be even higher due to the following factors


Required Pension Contribution to Decrease

Continuing the good news – employee pension contribution will decrease 1% effective July 1st, 2016.  However, note  that because retirees are living longer, the Prop C lawsuit restoring the supplemental bonus COLA, and low returns on investments, the employee contribution rate is predicted to increase in 2017.

Retiree Health

As a result of the passage of Proposition B on the June 2008 ballot, effective July 1, 2016, all employees hired before January 1, 2009 will begin paying ¼% (0.25%) towards their retiree health coverage.  This rate will increase by ¼% each year until it reaches 1% in 2020.   Employees hired after January 2009 are already making a contribution.  The employee contributions towards retiree health along with increased City contributions will eliminate a $4 billion deficit over the next 30 years and drive the program for your retiree healthcare to a fully funded, self-funded status.

The Bottom Line for SF Local 21 Wages

With a 3.25% raise, a 1% reduction in your retirement contribution, and a ¼% contribution:

  • Employees hired before January 2009 will see a 4% net salary increase July 1, 2016. 
  • Employees hired after January 2009 will see a 4.25% net salaryincrease July 1, 2016.

The Bottom, Bottom Line…

If we can be so bold as to take a some credit, these increases reflect Local 21’s competency, leadership and dedication to do absolutely everything we can to fight growing middle class wage disparity right here in the increasingly expensive Bay Area.  CCSF can find many worthwhile ways to spend their improving revenue, and unfortunately, prioritizing livable salaries for city employees is never anywhere near the top of the list. 

But, for Local 21 equitable salaries top our list.  This city, and the services we provide, would fall apart without us.  If city employees can’t afford to live in the City or even in the Bay Area, or can but are constantly in an economic struggle mode, everything suffers.   If you are a person living in the city and your primary issue is housing, labor standards, libraries, parks, safety, the environment including clean water, you’re bound to come face-to-face with a hard working Local 21 professional who not only is involved with the same issue, but also has dedicated their careers, if not their lives, to it. 

Our congratulations go out to the Local 21 leaders and staff who negotiated the 2014-2017 contract that included these wage increases as described above and to all the Local 21 members who took action to support us when we were bargaining and every day since the agreement was reached as we continue to work to intelligently enforce it.

** Remember: there is rounding when implementing the wage increases and some employees will see a slightly higher or slightly lower percentage raise because of CCSF computer programing. Local 21 is leading the effort by multiple unions to convince the City to modernize the process and end this historically outdated practice that has long existed in SF.