WCCUSD Team Participates in California Labor Management Initiative

Fifty school districts from around the state gathered in San Diego to explore the possibility of improving outcomes for students through enhanced partnerships among union leaders, school board members and other district leaders.  The underlying premise is that collaborative teaming and interest-based practices can significantly improve the working climate in schools and the district resulting in increased learning for students.
Co-sponsored by an alliance of groups including CDE, CTA, ACSA, CSEA, CFT, and CSBA the district teams included teachers association presidents, classified union leaders, school board members and superintendents. 
The West Contra Costa Unified School District team was UTR President Amanda Henderson, Board of Education President Todd Groves, IFPTE Local 21 SSA President Kimberly Chamberlain, WCCAA leader Katie von Husen and Superintendent Bruce Harter.  The WCCUSD team came away from the symposium seeing new opportunities for collaboration and partnership after hearing from district teams from ABC Unified, San Juan Unified, and several other districts.   One presentation included research from Rutgers University that correlated improved student achievement with collaboration among employees at schools.
The WCCUSD team saw several areas for improved partnership and collaboration including additional professional development for classified staff, opportunities to expand and improve the PAR program and ways for capacity building and retention throughout the district.  
Kimberly remarked: “The symposium was a great.  Of all the break out sessions, the best portion was the personal district ones.  We worked together as a unit on issues that would benefit each of our bargaining  units.  Talking together on solutions we see could be improved with better communication was probably  the greatest piece we brought out.”