We Won! Local 21-Backed Measures Win Big in San Francisco, Elsewhere

Local 21 members’ activism played a direct role in San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approving Proposition C, the labor-backed retirement measure, by 69%. Prop. C, also known as the “consensus measure,” saves $1.3 billion for the City over the next decade, and will strengthen our pension plan, minimize layoffs, and protect services.

We simultaneously defeated Prop. D, Jeff Adachi’s competing retirement measure which was backed by anti-labor interests, by 66%. This marked two consecutive years that Local 21 and our partners sent a clear message to anti-labor groups and politicians: We have members willing to run a successful ground campaign and fight anti-public employee attacks, year after year.



Close to 200* Local 21 members and staff made more than 25,000 calls to voters in this hard won victory. We could not have been successful without our members’ time and dedication to passing Prop. C and defeating D. In addition to San Francisco members, our union’s Contra Costa County chapter hosted a phone bank night in solidarity and our sister local, IFPTE Local 20, also lent a hand.

In Ohio, voters defeated a measure to eliminate public employees’ collective bargaining rights. This was a huge defeat for the Koch Brothers and other virulently anti-union forces that dumped millions of dollars into a deceptive campaign. A number of Local 21 members helped Ohio labor by making hundreds of phone calls to buckeye state voters asking them to vote No. Voters agreed and shot down the measure by a resounding 61%.

Our endorsed candidate for Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, won with 53% of the vote. Other candidates who won office were Ed Lee for Mayor (61%), and George Gascon for District Attorney (64%).

Local 21-backed ballot measures largely did very well:

  • Proposition A, a $531 million School Bond to renovate public schools and provide disabled access passed by 70%.
  • Proposition B, a $248 million Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond passed by 68%.
  • Propositions E and F, which would have allowed Supervisors to change voter-approved ballot measures and enabled unfair changes in campaign laws, were both defeated.
  • Unfortunately, Proposition G, a measure to slightly increase the sales tax while leaving it lower than a year ago, received only 54% of the vote. The results demonstrated that while San Franciscans are committed to funding local government services, the recession is taking a toll on people and the 66% threshold needed to pass the measure was too high to reach this time.
  • Proposition H, a measure changing school assignements and strongly opposed by teachers, is ahead by 50.74%. Due to the close margin, results may change when the final provisional ballots are counted.

In Emeryville, Local 21 member Ruth Atkin, a member of the Contra Costa County Chapter won re-election to the Emeryville City Council.

*Special thanks to all the members and staff who volunteered. We couldn’t have won without your involvement (partial list): Gabriela Cardona, Malea Chavez, Valerie Mitchell, Roland Ditan, Sheryl York, Luis Adona, Cassandra Calhoun, Mike Wylie, Maricar Gratuito, Emily Chesley, Sally Chan, Cary Dare, Garry Bieringer, Sybil Boutilier, Linda Kelly Cross, Lisa Contreras, Norma Nelson, Rachel Buerkley, Maria Ryan, Mikhael Hart, Julie Ford, Connie Vindell, Elizabeth Cooper, Kevin Drew, Teri Dowling, Mike Hanrahan, Almer Castillo, Alexa Kielty, Maryanne Mock, Russell Stepp, Ian Fernando, Anna Roche, Michele Liapes, Donna Mandel, Larry Griffin, Zula Jones, Cal Broomhead, Cynthia Knowles, Carmen Herrera, Robin Ho, Mary Marzotto, Paul Williams, Shirley Trevino, Jack Macy, Judson True, Moshe Blum, Robert Gonzalez, George Castro, Anthony Bazan, Tim Paez, Cal Chapman, Dorothy Norris, Jeff Payne, Maverick Madison, Fran Sperison, Fred Stump, Alan Wong, Sum Cheung, Michael Hou, Cris de la Paz, Jane Lev, Sylvia De-Trinidad, Wesley Wong, Blue Walcer, Isabel Auerbach, Isabel Olivares, David Herring, Steve Mungovan, Matt Greene, Anthony Lepe, Ron Dicks, Harry Der Vartanian, Anthony Lepe, Jere Ingram, Sherri Anderson, Napoleon Khalilnaj, Jeff Johnson, William Chen, Ruben Vasquez, Peter Stokes, John Chang, Qi Wang, Robert Venegas, Theodule De Souza, Rey Bernardo, Wendy Low, Andre Daye, Martha Hanson, Gopal Khaogu, Clark Bell, Steve Solnit, Hanna Vu, Stella Cheung, James Ngo, Craig Chandler, Neil Clark, Bundit Dharmasukrit. Gus Vallejo, Enrico Bautista. Dean Coate, Catherine Art, Brenda Peralta, Dennis Conrad, Brian Gatter, Jim Buker, Marilyn Thompson, Lizzy Hirsch, Kevin Jensen, Douglas Ullmon, Chris Nelson, Kathleen Price, Scott Broady, Albert Ko, Rinaldi Wibowo, Matthew Ho, Tedman Lee, Job Espero, Matt Greco, Gloria Rivera Lawson, Frank Sylvester, Kevin Keck, Moses Corrette, Adam Gubser, Timothy Johnston, John Katz, Paul Bignardi, Mary Cheung, Diane Zagorties, Diana Garcia, Michael Cerles, Carmen Omran, Ben Kawamura, Carolyn Sladnick, Ken Easton, Howard Tevelson, Dana Blum, Marilyn Brandt, Jonelle Chase, Cynthia Ullman, Sharon Trieu, Susan Chan, Simon Reyes, Steve Rubino, Anthony Alonzo, and Marion Meyer.