Yolanda Skelton Is Taking Names

Yolanda Skelton is a proud member of the Local 21 City of Richmond chapter, and a leader who takes union strength seriously. As a Senior Accountant, she serves the Richmond public by working in areas like Housing and Community Development. As a Bargaining Team member, she is representing her fellow members at the negotiation table and fighting for the first raises the Richmond chapter has seen in four years.

Yolanda is also a leader in signing her co-workers up on union membership cards, and has dozens of recruitments under her belt. She reaches out to every new employee and schedules a time to talk about the union. She also invites non-members to come out to rallies or chapter meetings so that they can see what the union is doing. “When they see what we do, what we are fighting for together, they want to be a member and sign a membership card,” says Yolanda. She says that she stepped up to talk to her co-workers about membership in the face of Janus v. AFSCME because "Being a strong union means commitment to solidarity and having the numbers to prove it."

Yolanda’s department, like so many others in Richmond, is having real problems retaining and recruiting workers given how far behind the cost of living they are. Workers like Yolanda are picking up the slack for the vacancies that are only getting worse. Yolanda encourages her fellow City of Richmond workers to show up and be counted at upcoming bargaining actions, which are focused on demanding that the City Council stop balancing the budget on the backs of public workers and public services. “We need to show up and be seen,” Yolanda asserts. “These Council members need to see us and know us.”


Kudos to Yolanda Skelton for all her hard work to make our union stronger!