Fix Our City: San Francisco Bargaining

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Know Your Rights: Union employees have the right to participate in union activities!

Union activities can range from everything including, but not limited to: participating in our Worker Wednesdays by wearing union swag to work, to having union flyers on display, to attending union meetings and rallies.

It is unlawful for the City to intimidate, restrain, or coerce or discriminate against union employees for participating in their union.

The following are examples of unlawful employer conduct:

  • coercive questioning of employees regarding their union activity;
  • threatening employees or discriminating against employees because they participated in union activities;
  • promising benefits to employees if they refuse to participate in union activity.


If you encounter such conduct from your supervisor, manager, or other representative of City management: write down the date, time, location, witnesses and what occurred, and reach out to our union immediately.