Watch out for Local 21's Quarterly Magazine, Twenty One


 Our Union's quarterly publication is hot off the press and on its way to your mailbox! The Fall 2011 issue of Twenty One focuses on all the important happenings around the country and Local 21, as attacks on public employees gain momentum and labor organizes to fight back.

Think Before You Click: Don’t Help Amazon Cheat California!


There’s no denying the reality that California is in desperate need of real, sustainable revenue solutions. Without those revenues in place, California has subsequently been forced year after year to impose devastating cuts to our schools, our health care, our human services, and the very core of our public infrastructure. Over the last four fiscal years, total cuts to our health care and human services programs have totaled more than $15 billion.

Local 21 Welcomes New Chapter: Association of Maintenance and Supervisory Personnel


The Association of Maintenance and Supervisory Personnel (AMSP) in the City of San Jose voted overwhelmingly to affiliate with IFPTE Local 21! Several of our chapter leaders joined Local 21 Staff, Lobbyist Tom Saggau, Executive Director Bob Muscat, and Attorney Chris Platten in our presentation to the group a short time ago.

The Bargaining Unit of 70 has been part of the San Jose Negotiations Coalition, which includes Local 21’s AEA and CAMP chapters. AMSP has been negotiating with AEA and CAMP over the last two years. 

Don't Let Them Silence Our Voices: Don’t Sign the “Paycheck Deception” Petition!


There’s a statewide initiative petition being circulated at grocery stores, malls, post offices and other places near you that’s designed to silence the voices of working people and strengthen the political influence of giant corporations. To make matters worse, it’s being disguised as an initiative to help protect workers’ paychecks. Don’t be fooled!

 Here’s How It Works:

• It takes away your right to make a voluntary paycheck deduction contribution to our union’s political action fund.

Defend Social Security, Medicare & Medi-Cal


Congress and the President are in deep in negotiations on a deal to close the national budget deficit. Cuts to Social Security, Medi-Cal, and Medicare are on the table.   

President Barack Obama and some members of both parties have indicated a willingness to cut or restrict access to these programs to reduce a debt caused by unpopular wars, tax cuts for the wealthiest, and bailouts for banks and corporations.

Local 21 Launches New Website


After much feedback from Local 21 members and leadership, we are pleased to announce a new Local 21 website, designed and built from the ground up. At a 2010 Delegate Assembly, our leaders expressed that improving our website was a priority. We as a Union are committed to restructuring and improving our website so its content is more accessible, incorporates more timely updates, is better organized, and has less material bogging down the site.

The Truth About the Economy


Robert Reich connects the dots on the problem with the economy, in less than 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Chris Platten, Labor Attorney and Special Guest Speaker at the Delegate Assembly, takes it further, discussing the impact on the public sector and unionized public employees, what we face, and what we can do about it.

Local 21 Members Convene Delegate Assembly


On June 18, about 90 Local 21 delegates gathered for the second Delegate Assembly of the year. Themed “The Struggle Continues…” union leaders used most of the four-hour meeting to learn, share, and strategize about how Local 21 jurisdictions can continue to fend off attacks on public workers.

Local 21 Members Join Thousands Across the Country for “We Are One” Rallies


On April 4, Local 21 members joined thousands of Union members and working families across the country for rallies in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and dozens of other states where right-wing politicians and anti-union corporate agendas are seeking to take away hard-won benefits and collective bargaining rights.