Know Our Contract! One Local 21 Classification Does Not Get a Raise, and Steps Up to Fix It


Knowing our contract is in an important way to be strong and informed members. As a union we have fought hard for our contracts, and we should make sure that we know the details so that we can enforce the contract fully and help our fellow members when they have questions.

Local 21 Executive Committee Takes Stand Against Discrimination in City Departments



Last week, the Local 21 Executive Committee took a position supporting SEIU 1021 in calling for an end to discrimination in the workplace. “We as IFPTE Local 21 stand against any and all forms of discrimination.  We support our sisters and brothers in SEIU 1021 in calling on the City and County of San Francisco on eliminating and forms of discrimination.”

Rise with Local 21 at the Sept 8. Climate Justice March!


Local 21 is a proud partner for the Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice March. Join us on September 8, 2018, as we mobilize towards climate justice.

Local 21 Wins on Understaffing and Extended Range Issues


Legal Assistants at the Public Defender’s Office noticed an ongoing issue of retention in the workforce, where talented co-workers were leaving for other jurisdictions or for the private sector. At the Department of Public Health, the IT Procurement Team was experiencing overwork, more job-related stress, and an increase in illness and the use of sick leave. Read more to find out how these Local 21 members successfully advocated for improvements in the workplace.

City Avoids Civil Service Process with Exempt Hires


SFMTA and SFDPW are two of the city departments with the most egregious hiring records, with 35% of its workforce made up of exempt positions.

San Francisco is the First City with $15 Minimum Wage, Proudly Brought to You By Unions


As a Supervising Compliance Officer, Robin Ho enforces San Francisco’s Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave ordinations, and investigates formal and informal complaints of non-compliance.

Oakland Holds First Training in Newly Revamped Steward Program


“Participating in the steward training provided me with a valuable experience that will help me effectively represent my co-workers as a steward for Local 21.  We’re stronger when we know our rights and when we protect each other as a team.”

Despite Federal Attacks Against Public Sector Workers, California Stands with Us


Thanks to SB 866, employers cannot intimidate employees from joining or staying in a union, must keep new employee orientation information confidential, and meet and confer with union before sending communications to employees about union membership and Janus v. AFSCME.

Local 21 Bargaining Wins and Upcoming Raises


Members have stood together and fought for each other across our union. Here are some of the wins we have achieved!

Billionaire Groups Will Be Targeting Public Employees in the Bay Area


What do you do when a Santa Clause paid by the Koch brothers shows up at your workplace?