Court Reporters Urge Administrators to Adopt Audit Recommendations


Our local was among eight labor organizations representing court employees who signed a petition to the Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts urging them to  adopt the recommendations that came out of recent audit by the Bureau of State Audits of the Judicial Branch of California to review the JC/AOC's use of "harmful cost-saving measures" including courthouse closures, hour reductions, lay-offs, and required furlough days, which particularly impact employees in the local court system.

Courts Members Push to Share Budget Surplus


Members of both the san Francisco Court professional and reporter units finally reached a agreement after many months of bargaining over a wage reopener with the Court.

SF Superior Court Restores Wages, Agrees to Raise


After a several week delay in approving the deal, we are happy to announce the Executive Committee of Judges approved a tentative agreement that Local 21 reached with the San Francisco Superior Court in November. The agreement includes the retroactive restoration of the 5% wage reduction a number of Court unions agreed to last March, a $3,500 bonus, plus a 3% wage increase in the second year of the contract

Local 21 Leader Gus Vallejo Runs for Retirement Board (SFERS)


Please watch this important one-minute video introducing Gus Vallejo. A candidate for the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System (SFERS) Board, Gus is a respected leader in his union.

The San Francisco Department of Elections is mailing green envelopes containing ballots to all employees this week.

After watching the video, please:

Local 21 Leader Gus Vallejo Runs for Retirement Board (SFERS)


Gus Vallejo has been an active leader in the San Francisco Information Technology chapter for years. When the seat for an active employee representative opened on the San Francisco Employees Retirement System Board (SFERS), Gus decided to run for the position because of this commitment to improving our retirement security through prudent investment choices and responsible oversight.

Local 21 Successfully Urges Court to Lift Imposition Against SEIU, Discuss Restoring Local 21 Wages


Local21 recently joined with SEIU 1021 and the San Francisco-based Management Employees Association (MEA) to successfully urge the San Francisco Superior Court to lift its contract imposition against SEIU 1021 and return to the bargaining table with all of its Court unions. SEIU recently held a successful one-day strike when the Court declared impasse in its negotiations and imposed terms including a “permanent” 5% wage reduction. That imposition and wage reduction will no longer take place.

Superior Court Chapters Reach Agreement on New Contract After Ten Months of Bargaining


We are pleased to announce that both bargaining units at the San Francisco Superior Court completed bargaining and ratified new contracts. This has been a long, difficult process; both units have been bargaining since May 2011. Last year, the State passed a budget with $350 million in cuts to the judicial branch. In response, the Court suspended negotiations and announced it would layoff 200 employees and close 25 courtrooms. Last Fall, the Court was granted an emergency loan and reduced the number of layoffs to 70.

Local 21 Makes Endorsements for November 2011 Election


Election Day is just around the corner, and many voters will be receiving their vote-by-mail ballots soon. Local 21 is sending each member with a San Francisco or Oakland mailing address on file a palm card listing our Union's endorsements which you can take to the polls with you, or use to fill out your vote-by-mail ballot at home. See a complete list of Local 21 endorsements, or watch out for your palm card in the mail!

San Francisco Courts Face Major Budget Cuts; Plan to Close Twenty-Five Courtrooms


In late June, the San Francisco Courts announced that they will be closing 25 courtrooms and laying off workers in order to close a $13.75 million budget deficit. Seniority lists have been posted on the Courts’ intranet and workers will begin receiving layoff notices on July 15 for a layoff date of September 15.