East Bay

East Bay MUD Continues with Negotiations Under April Contract Expiration Date


Local 21’s EBMUD chapter began negotiating a new contract last month, with the first meeting on February 5. Our current contract expires on April 28, and the District seems interested in completing the negotiation process before that date.

The District had four proposals, three of them concessionary. As in many agencies, they are asking for an additional employee pension contribution. They are also proposing the elimination of two holidays, and that the Union and District work collaboratively to address rising healthcare costs.

Solano County Executive and Senior Managers Join Local 21


Representing executive and senior management professionals, the Solano County chapter of Local 21 is set to begin negotiations over its first contract, following a successful organizing drive resulting in a membership rate hovering over 40%. Solano chapter leaders and Local 21 staff expect that number to increase over the coming months as one-on-one contact is intensified, while an inaugural MOU is being negotiated. The goal is to strengthen membership levels internally while the Chapter is negotiating its first contract to increase leverage at the bargaining table.

City of Richmond Agrees to Rescind Concessions After Revenue Windfall


Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay called an emergency meeting with city unions to discuss the City’s $2.9 million deficit. When we met with Lindsey, he explained the City recently learned that it would see an increase in revenue from property taxes, resulting in a $2.9 million windfall for the City and the exact amount needed to eliminate the deficit.

Retired Contra Costa Water District Leader, Bob Langston Passes Away


Retired Contra Costa Water District member and Local 21 leader Bob Langston passed away last month after a brief illness. He worked at the District from 1997 to 2007 as an Administrative Analyst.

Union Finds Port of Oakland's Call for Cuts Unmerited


On Thursday, August 16 Local 21 presented its analysis of the Port of Oakland’s current finances and fiscal outlook. Local 21 members are currently bargaining a new contract at the Port and are faced with demands for 9% in concessions, despite the Port’s inability to justify concessions given its own improving revenue projections.

After conducting our analysis, we found that the Port’s demands for cuts are entirely unmerited, and that the Port can afford to provide our members with a 3.2% cost of living increase and still meet its financial obligations.

Local 21 Port Financial Condition and Budgetary Review Released


On Thursday August 16th, IFPTE Local 21 presented our detailed “Financial Condition and Budgetary Review” to the Port Board of Commissioners.
After a thorough review of the Port of Oakland’s finances and financial history, we have determined that:

The Port Has Achieved Financial Recovery