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HSS Struggle with Blue Shield Continues, Board Subsidizes Plan & Adopts Cost Savings Policies


In an effort to contain costs in the face of Blue Shield’s deplorable price gouging, last week the Health Services (HSS) Board approved a plan to pay $5.2 million to subsidize Blue Shield premium rates for 2013, as well as adopt a flex funding system for paying claims generated by active employees and early retirees.

Reminder: Paycheck Changes & Floating Holidays


As we kick off the new fiscal year, we remind you of changes in your upcoming paychecks.

San Francisco Members Ratify New Contract by 93%


On April 26, Local 21 and the City and County of San Francisco reached an agreement for a new contract through June 30, 2014. The following week, after a series of informational roadshow meetings sharing the details of the new agreement, Local 21’s membership ratified that agreement by 93%. The overwhelming positive response demonstrates that the contract reflects an intelligent and equitable settlement of all our economic and non-economic issues.

Local 21, City Reach Mediated Tentative Agreement: Ratification Vote Begins


Late Thursday, Local 21 and City negotiators reached a tentative agreement for a new contract through July 1, 2014. The new agreement was reached with the assistance of Arbitrator Carol Vendrillo, and becomes effective July 1, 2012, if approved by members. Details of the agreement will be provided at upcoming Roadshow Ratification Meetings, beginning this Monday. Please come to one of the meetings to learn about the tentative agreement and cast your vote. Drop-in voting will also take place at Local 21’s office from Monday April 30, to Wednesday May 2, 9am-5pm.

Got Endorsements? Join the San Francisco Political Action Committee!


Our San Francisco Political Action Committee (SF PAC) is recruiting new members. The SF PAC reviews local ballot measures and interviews candidates to make endorsement recommendations to the full San Francisco Council, which is the decision making body of Local 21’s City of San Francisco chapters. The PAC is a working committee, and members are expected to volunteer ten hours in one of our campaigns, donate at least $7.50 per paycheck to the PAC Fund, or serve as our representative to one of our coalition partners (i.e. Jobs with Justice).

Button Up: Watch newest video, and button up every Tuesday and Friday!


Watch newest video, and button up every Tuesday and Friday!

Video #2: San Francisco Negotiations and Healthcare


I encourage you to watch our short video response to the City’s proposal on employee healthcare. Little progress is being made at the bargaining table; salaries, along with healthcare continue to loom as the key issues. Malea Chavez, a member of our research team, is covered by one of the City’s health plans, and is our spokesperson on this issue.

SF Members Villareal-Mayer, Ascano Receive "Good Government Awards"


On Monday, March 19th, Local 21 members and other public employees recognized for their creative service to the City, will be honored at the 32nd Annual Good Government Awards. Two Local 21 members will receive this award for their assistance in developing a Municipal Tax Automation system.

Local 21 Proposes 3.2% Raise, City of San Francisco Proposes Major Cuts


Clearly, Local 21’s view of what’s fair and what our economic future holds is strikingly different from the City of San Francisco’s. Based on the quickly improving budget data, Local 21’s San Francisco Bargaining Team, who began negotiations one month ago, formally proposed a 3.2% wage increase. This is the same CPI-driven increase granted to all City contractors last January.