South Bay

A message from your AMSP Bargaining Team


I realize that after Tuesday's Council action, many of us are frustrated and feeling under appreciated by our employer, however, we are asking you at this time to remain positive, strong, and dedicated to the work that you do.

Fight continues at SCVWD regarding vested rights


ES and PMA Presidents sent a letter on March 8 to Santa Clara Valley Water District CEO Beau Goldie regarding Retiree Health Benefits.

Unlawful Pension Plan Passes, State Legislature Votes for Audit of SJ Finances


On the heels of the San Jose City Council voting to place Mayor Reed and City Manager Figone's unlawful pension measure before the voters, the California State Legislature's Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) voted to perform a State audit of San Jose's pension projections, budget, and finances. Republicans and Democrats on a bipartisan basis directed the State Auditor to immediately begin the audit, that vote was 12-1.

Message From Your AEA Negotiating Team


We are sending you this news to keep you in the know and to offer you a message of hope and strength. Now more than ever, we need you. We need you to remain positive, to remain strong, and to remain professional in everything you do for your employer, no matter how ungrateful and insensitive this employer is. Through your diligence, your perseverance, and your support for each other, we will get through this. Your continued strength, your support, and your participation will energize those that represent you.

New Staff Joins Local 21’s South Bay Team


Growing up with a single mom and non-profit worker, Nick Raisch began attending political rallies at a young age. In large part due to his upbringing, he grew up wanting to do something that made life easier for people like his mother. After graduating from college with a degree in political Science, Nick spent the last 5 years with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) protecting wages, benefits, and the rights of hard working people.

San Jose's Fuzzy Pension Math


Sheriff Laurie Smith Retracts Endorsement of Councilmember Rose Herrera

Citing concerns about Rose Herrera’s past, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith retracted her endorsement of San Jose City Councilmember Rose Herrera today.  Read more here. 

San Jose's "New Fuzzy Math"

Arbitrator Reinstates PMA Member at Santa Clara Valley Water District


A Professional Management Association (PMA) member who was wrongly terminated last year has been reinstated at the Santa Clara Valley Water District with eight months of back pay. After Skelly and arbitration hearings, an independent arbitrator sided with the Union.

Special San Jose Retirement Reform Update Meeting


IFPTE Local 21 has been engaged with the City of San Jose in mediation and we have several additional mediation dates set prior to March 6, 2012. Because mediation is confidential, we are prevented from discussing specifics.

SCVWD Arbitration Win


Local 21 prevailed in a wrongful suspension arbitration at the Santa Clara Valley Water District in San Jose. The case dealt with a PMA members’ five-day suspension, in which we contended that the discipline was not justified. The Arbitrator agreed with our position.