South Bay

Update to San Jose Members on Retiree Healthcare Negotiations


The IFPTE Local 21 Negotiating Team has been meeting with the City over Retiree Healthcare. In mid-December we received the first written proposal from the City.

Letter to San Jose Members Regarding Retiree Healthcare Negotiations with the City


There’s been no let up by the Mayor and his supporters in trying to move City employees backwards by cutting salaries, slashing benefits and weakening your rights. Local 21 responded...

South Bay Chapters Celebrate the Holidays


Local 21's South Bay chapters celebrated at their annual holiday luncheon with more than 200 members in attendance.

Santa Clara Valley Water District Chapters Convene Joint District-Wide Meeting


For the first time at the Santa Clara Valley Water District, we held a joint membership meeting between Local 21’s Professional Managers Association (PMA) and Engineers’ Society (ES) chapters, and AFSCME’s unit.

Hold Herrera Accountable: Walkers Needed this Weekend


We have just 3 weekends left to walk precincts to Hold Herrera Accountable. Absentee voters have just begun returning their ballots. Rose continues to spread her lies about how she's saved city services and continues to blame employees for the city's problems.  

New Herrera TV Commercial Shows Her Flip Flopping


View the New Rose Herrera TV Ad


She Flips and Flops and does what the Special Interests Command.  Please forward the "Jumper" TV commercial which begins airing on 11/2/12 to all those that want to Hold Herrera Accountable.


On October 4 the Committee for Safe San Jose Neighborhoods launched its TV advertisement campaign to Hold Herrera Accountable!

Urgent Appeal: District 8 Campaign


Rose Herrera does not respect you or the work you do for the residents of San Jose. Herrera wants to outsource your job and if re-elected, she will continue to make poor public policy decisions and continue her track record of deceit and dishonor. We need to educate the voters in District 8 about the Real Rose Herrera.

San Jose chapters Reach Long Awaited Agreement on Sick Leave Payout


Local 21’s members in the City of San Jose overwhelmingly voted to adopt a Sick Leave Payout agreement, reached between the City and the Union on August 27. City Administration attempted to eliminate Sick Leave Payout for all current and future employees.

Santa Clara Valley Water District Members Save the Day in Pipeline Emergency


Several Local 21 members who are a part of the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Engineers Society (ES) and Professional Managers Association (PMA) recently responded to two serious water pipeline leaks near Highway 85 in San Jose.

State Auditor Affirms that San Jose City Officials used “Unsupported” Pension Estimates


Months ago, NBC Bay Area News uncovered how San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed knowingly misrepresented city pension costs and used inflated figures to promote Measure B among local voters, which unlawfully cuts public employees’ benefits.