Petition to Mayor Lee- Sign Here!


Please view the 2 minute video above to find out about the recent bargaining proposals from the City that will cost all of us a lot more money for our health insurance and reduced salaries over another two year period. Once you watch the video, we hope that you will join all of us in signing the electronic petition to Mayor Ed Lee. Below is the message that will be emailed to the Mayor.

-Local 21 Bargaining Team


Petition - Mr. Mayor

I am one of more than 4,000 professionals who appreciates and loves working for San Francisco. We have demonstrated our dedication in the past by our willingness to forgo raises, accept furlough days, and pay more for our pension benefits. Recently, we have watched as you have shared in many public forums, your joy and optimism over our improving economy. We believe the time has come for your administration to demonstrate that you value your professional work force. Please stand behind your words and instruct your negotiators to withdraw your concessionary demands and agree to a cost of living salary increase, so that we do not fall even further behind, economically. The time has come to move forward.



For more information, visit our San Francisco 2012 Bargaining Page.