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IFPTE Local 21 is excited that the City of Santa Clara Employee Association is considering affiliating with our union. Santa Clara City Workers should click here to learn more about what it means to affiliate with Local 21.

Working people who come together in a union can bargain for higher wages, and union members also are more likely to have employer-provided health insurance, access to paid sick days, and retirement benefits and guaranteed pensions through private employers.

Together, you and your coworkers can successfully demand and win necessary protections at your workplace, like millions of workers have all over the country.

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Steps to forming a union:

Who is IFPTE Local 21?

IFPTE Local 21 represents over 11,000 public sector professionals, all working in key local government positions around the Bay Area. We understand the role that public servants play in carrying out the missions of city departments and agencies. We are dedicated to serving the public and championing our community.


We fight for the things public workers care about:

What is a union?

Unions are workers who stand together to bargain with their bosses for better pay, safer working conditions, and good benefits. Individually, workers don’t have much power in the workplace. But when we act collectively, we have a seat at the table and can influence our employers.


We provide comprehensive support in enforcing contracts, increasing bargaining power, and negotiating at the table.

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