Our Mission

Our union is a democratic, member-based organization that helps public sector workers raise wages, benefits, working conditions, and advocate over public policies that impact our professions and communities.

With our skills, leadership and creativity we work hard to make a vital contribution to the smooth planning and implementation of local government services, often orchestrating large-scale bond programs for infrastructure and maintenance, ensuring well-run transit systems, and monitoring quality control over the public water supply.

We are dedicated to serving the public and championing our community. The public has a stake in well-run government that employs the most talented and dedicated staff we can attract. Our interests are the public’s interest. 

Through our collective action we fight to:

  • Improve funding and staffing for public services including transit, education, healthcare, housing, utilities, and more.
  • Defend against having to compromise our professional judgment and ethical codes.
  • Prevent the privatization of projects that we are fully qualified to perform.
  • Protecting the right to career advancement based on hard work and merit.