Oakland Members Organize More Rallies As City Asks for Unwarranted Takeaways


Hundreds of Oakland members held another noon rally and spoke out on Tuesday, May 14 to protest health care and pension takeaway proposals the City has put on the bargaining table.

City Unions Turnout Again for Mayor’s Budget Presentation to Council


Last week, hundreds of City of Oakland Local 21 members joined with our brothers and sisters from SEIU and IBEW to express our anger with the City’s Budget proposal.

Local 21 Wins Major Museum Contracting Out Case


In a major victory against contracting out, an Arbitrator ruled that the City of Oakland violated the City Charter, our contract, and State law when it terminated City workers at the Oakland Museum and contracted out their work.

We Are Oakland Video #2


Enough is Enough

Local 21 members,

Oakland MOU Bargaining Opens on the “Ides of March”


For weeks the City of Oakland has been trying to break up our chapters across three bargaining tables. This issue was finally resolved last week when the City agreed to sit with Local 21 bargaining at one table.

Opening Statement -2013 MOU Negotiations – City of Oakland


“We Are Oakland” Video presentation

Local 21 members are a fundamental, integral part of this City.  Many of our members not only work for the City, but live here, shop here, worship here, send their kids to schools here and all that comes with it, including, paying taxes.

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about public safety.

Oakland's Finance Committee Hears "Use Honest Numbers" Message, Delays Action on 5-Year Financial Plan


Members of Oakland's Finance Committee heard loud objections about the City Administrator's proposed 5-Year Financial Plan from Local 21 at a meeting earlier this week. As a result, they delayed taking any action until April 2, when a revised plan will be presented at a Council Budget Workshop.

Our 'Use Honest Numbers and Fix the Five-Year Plan' message was simple and effective. More than 200 Local 21 members signed an on-line petition urging Finance Committee members to send the report back to staff for revisions, and make sure we get honest numbers.

Local 21 Releases New Video: “We Are Oakland”


Our City of Oakland members care passionately about the Oakland community. Many of us live here, grew up here, work here, play here, and our kids go to school here. We care about our City and its future because we are part of it - We Are Oakland!

Oakland Members Honored


Earlier this week, outgoing Local 21 Oakland Vice President Jeff Levin was honored by the City Council for his 28 years of public service. Levin began his career with the City of Oakland as an intern, and will be retiring at the end of this year from his position as the Housing Policy & Programs Manager. He has also been instrumental in growing and strengthening our union in Oakland and around the Bay Area, through his role as an Executive Committee member and union leader.