Delegates Review Bargaining Strategies, Challenges for 2012

On Saturday, January 28, 2012, more than 130 Local 21 Delegates attended our Union’s Delegate Assembly at the Downtown Oakland Marriott.

Special Guest Speaker, Assembly Woman Wilma Chan, spoke on happenings at the state level, including state budget cuts and the dissolution of redevelopment agencies. She also talked about the future of health care, and the importance of fair wages and benefits for working families.

Delegates also received a presentation from Executive Director Bob Muscat on last years’ bargaining trends and what more than 15 chapters can anticipate when they go to the table to negotiate new contracts this year. Attendees engaged in a lengthy discussion following Muscat’s presentation, exploring emerging issues our union is facing, strategies we should be at the bargaining table, and how we should be addressing these challenging trends given the economic and political environment we are in.

Following the business meeting section of the Assembly, Delegates watched two Local 21-produced films about Volunteering and Dumping Your Bank for a Credit Union, and won raffle prizes for ‘liking’ Local 21’s Facebook page.

Join us at our upcoming 2012 Delegate Assemblies:

  • Saturday, June 9 @ Hotel Whitcomb, San Francisco

  • Saturday, September 29 @ Oakland Marriott