Mixed Results for Local 21 on Election Day

San Jose

On Wednesday, our coalition partners made good on our collective promise to fight the unlawful Measure B in the courts. Local 21 will be filing our legal challenge shortly but it will mirror both of the lawsuits filed by the police and fire unions. The city stipulated they will not implement Measure B until further notice from the state court. Read the court filings and stay updated on the issue.

In the City Council races, Local 21 successfully supported Kansen Chu and Ash Kalra, who were both re-elected. In D10 there are three candidates at the top and with around 40-45K votes still to be counted, the results could change. Our coalition partners have deployed vote count observers to the Registrar of Voters to ensure the vote count is conducted per the law.  

In D8 we achieved a major victory in that we worked to force a runoff. This is an extremely rare event and is a clear indication that voters in D8 want a council member they can trust, and who is ethical and keeps their word.

Local 21 will be evaluating our next steps with regard to the November runoff election and legal strategy moving forward. We will conduct a general membership meeting shortly.  

San Francisco

As elections go, things were relatively quiet in San Francisco. Proposition A, which could award the city’s garbage collection contract to a non-union firm, lost by a landslide while Proposition B, a measure to protect Coit Tower, won. Local 21 opposed A and backed B. Our endorsed candidate Phil Ting trounced his anti-public employee opponent by more than 2-1, but they’ll face off again in November. Local 21 member Jo Elias Jacksonwas not successful in her bid for a seat on the Democratic Central Committee, but earlier won a spot as an Obama Delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Contra Costa County

The only contested race for the Board of Supervisors was in Dist. 2 where Community College Trustee and labor-backed candidate Tomi Van De Brooke faced an uphill battle against Danville Mayor Candace Anderson. Anderson’s top issue is going after County employee retirement security. Ultimately, Anderson won.

A big thanks to Contra Costa Chapter campaign volunteers Sue Guest, Tim Carlisle, Mike Courchaine, Margie Valdez, Scott Hutchinson andRay Neuman. Not wasting any time, they’ve already started planning for the November election!

A big round of applause to the 60 South Bay members, half dozen City of Oakland members, and Local 21 staff who completed more than 95 shifts on the phone or walking door to door to talk to San Jose voters. 

AEA: City of San Jose

Kevin Maung

Dave Printy

Heidi Geiger

Chris Dayley

Sim Ong

Henry Servin

Steve Pagan

Maria Angeles

John Chien

Thuy Nguyen

Ellen Yuen

Stacey Palomar

Badaoui Mouderes

Medi Sinaki

Nelson Petroni

Greg Jobe

John Mukhar

Titus Raceles


AMSP: City of San Jose

Dale Dapp

Joe Pomeroy

Paul Blach

Angel Alvarez

Mike Zapien

Phyllis Schulz

Dan Keller


CAMP: City of San Jose

Matt Farrell

Cay Denise MacKenzie

Lisa Tulee

Alan Wiley

Cathy Hoang-Mendoza

Mark Brogan

Linden Skjeie

Karla Enany

Dale Grogan


ES: Santa Clara Valley Water District

Metra Valle

Luis Ortiz

Sarah Young

George Cook

Tracy Hemmeter

Marie Garcia


PMA: Santa Clara Valley Water District

Deanna Forsythe

Jim Crowley

Bruce Cabral

Mike Munson

Angela Cheung

Shree Dharasker


SCCEAA: Santa Clara County

Jim Baker

Paul Pascoal


TAEA: Valley Transportation Authority

Harry Yip

Sal Lanzo


City of Oakland members

Chris Candell

Tom Manley, L21 VP for Legislative and Political Action

Kathleen Salem Boyd

Renee Sykes

Cookie Robles Wong


Local 21 Staff

Nancy Ostrowski

Michelle Hatfield

Rachel Richman

Celeste Granger

Cassandra Waters

Vickie Carson


Note: This article was written 6/6/12 and not all vote totals or the complete list of volunteers has been completed. Updates to follow.