City Workers in Cupertino Win Paid Pandemic Leave

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have witnessed how crucial city services are to the public. We are committed to uphold the rights and benefits of our members in Local 21, especially during these uncertain times. 
On May 1st, or May Day (the International Workers’ Day) the City of Cupertino notified staff that paid administrative leave would stop the following Monday on May 4th.
Our union intervened immediately by sending out communications to the City Manager, Administrative Service staffers, and Councilmembers to let them know that this was unacceptable. We also had conversations with Councilmembers to advocate on behalf of our members. 

Because we took a tough stance, and because the City knows we are organized, they met some of our demands. The City of Cupertino discovered new ways to do what they should have done in the first place: keep people working and protect their status.

We spoke to the Cupertino City Council to reiterate our concerns that the City needs to meet with the unions before they make decisions impacting members. 
Cupertino Employee Association President Alex Corbalis shares, “I’m proud to be part of Local 21. When the City pushed to end paid administrative leave, we prevailed to protect our members’ jobs and healthcare during the pandemic.” 

Senior Planner and Cupertino Employee Association Board Member Gian Martire says, “We won a huge victory to protect our members’ jobs and healthcare during the COVID-19 crisis. Instead of exhausting our members’ leave bank which could have resulted in job losses, we were able to rescind the city policy of ending paid administrative leave. This is the power of people in action.”

We’re in this crisis together. We will do everything we can to continue advocating for our Local 21 members.