Forced Out- A San Francisco for Everyone?
Local 21 members working for the City of San Francisco made the difficult choice during the Great Recession to help the City they work for and love. They agreed to wage cuts...
LOST EDGE Video Viewing
Stop by the Local 21 San Jose office at 4:30 p.m. June 25 to be one of the first to see "LOST EDGE: Restoring San Jose's Competitive Advantage," a video...
Golden Gate Labor Coalition members show their strength!
Over 50 members of the unions that make up the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition (including Local 21) gathered at the Bridge District office Friday morning, July 25....
Local 21 members in San Jose Working to take back “The Lost Decade”
After a decade of pay reductions, layoffs, and hostility from the City Council majority, IFPTE Local 21 members in San Jose are taking back their City.
Local 21 members honor one-day strike at Golden Gate Bridge
Machinists Local 1414 members held an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike against the Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District Tuesday, Sept. 16. IFPTE Local...
Affordable Healthcare is a Right
The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors are undercutting the core principles of the Affordable Care Act and the Democratic Party.
A San Francisco For Everyone
These Local 21 members represent more than 4,000 city employees who are helping to build a beautiful, sustainable and more vibrant San Francisco. The movie A San...
Volunteer for Victory
Help elect Leaders to the San Jose City Council who will care about all residents, and who won't play politics with workers and services in the crosshairs. This is our...
Local 21 News

“Yes on Measure FF” kickoff planned in Oakland


Local 21 members are invited to the “YES on Measure FF” campaign kickoff in Oakland Sept. 6.

This measure raises Oakland’s minimum wage to $12.25/hr and provides paid sick days for workers. Both labor and community leaders will be in attendance for a short program, then a “walk and talk” to voters in the neighborhood.

Check out our political endorsements: And don’t forget to vote November 4!


November 4 may seem as if it’s a long way off—but it isn’t. And in many of our jurisdictions, there are crucial races that require a lot of work! Keep watching this space for more election news in the coming weeks.

Until then, start educating yourself on the candidates and issues that Local 21 is recommending and endorsing in this election cycle.

Local 21 Executive Officer Election


  • Announcement of Election

    August 15, 2014

    Election of IFPTE Local 21 Executive Offices will occur this Fall 2014. Eligible Local 21 members may be nominated by the Nominating Committee or petition to declare their candidacy as provided in Local 21’s Bylaws (Article XIII, Section B).