IFPTE Local 21

Representing public sector workers proudly serving our communities across the Bay Area.

Serving the public.

Champions for our community.

Our union is a democratic, member-based organization that helps public sector workers raise wages, benefits, working conditions, and advocate over public policies that impact our professions and communities. We are dedicated to improving the funding and staffing for public services we provide including transit, education, healthcare, housing, utilities, and more. With over 11,000 members spread across the Bay Area, we invite you and your coworkers to consider the benefits of collective bargaining.

Every member of IFPTE Local 21 is able to participate, attend meetings, and vote and run in union elections. Our democracy is our power.


Individually, workers don’t have much power in the workplace. But when we act collectively, we have a seat at the table and can influence our employers.


Together, with our communities, we create broad social change across the Bay Area and improve our ability to provide high quality, public services. 

IFPTE Pride In our union

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Together, you and your coworkers can successfully demand and win necessary protections at your workplace, like millions of workers have all over the country.

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