Local 21 Launches New Website

After much feedback from Local 21 members and leadership, we are pleased to announce a new Local 21 website, designed and built from the ground up. At a 2010 Delegate Assembly, our leaders expressed that improving our website was a priority. We as a Union are committed to restructuring and improving our website so its content is more accessible, incorporates more timely updates, is better organized, and has less material bogging down the site. A committee comprised of staff and Executive Committee members has spent over the last year working with a designer and a web development team to recreate our site, based on the priorities voiced by our membership.

When you visit our new site, you’ll find easier access to our key online content areas including a slideshow, current Local 21 News, Regional Updates, and individual chapter pages with chapter officers, bylaws, MOUs and other chapter/jurisdiction-specific information. We are continuing to work on implementing several other features in the coming months including a secure member section, a place to view streaming videos, updates to other content, and more.

Local 21 is maintaining our old website for several months to allow for an easy transition while we work out any bugs in the new site. We appreciate your patience as everyone is working hard to complete the move to our new website as quickly as possible.