Dump Your Bank

How did we end up in this economic recession, and why are city workers being blamed for it? This short, educational film will attempt to answer those questions, and tell you who is really to blame: big banks.

With the help of Economist Robert Reich, we will better understand how the rich keep getting richer, and the middle class is slowly disintegrating.

Traveling back in time to the 1990s, as the banks lobbied for deregulation, and gave rise to the ensuing foreclosure crisis, this film will bring us up to today, where hundreds of thousands of Americans are “Dumping their Banks” and switching to Community Banks or Credit Unions in protest of big banks’ irresponsible investments. Watch this Youtube video to learn how to find a credit union or community bank close to where you live and work, and be a part of this Economic Justice movement.   



How to Transfer Your Money to a Credit Union

San Francisco Map of Credit Unions

Oakland Map of Credit Unions