Sign up for Campaign School and get ready to Win in November

A measure on the November ballot will shut us out of politics, prohibiting all union members from making voluntary contributions to candidates through their union. Meanwhile, corporations will be able to spend unlimited amounts of money to help their candidates get elected. Bankrolled by anti-public employee forces, the “Power Grab” measure is designed to clear the playing field of opposition to their corporate agenda, which includes contracting out, going after our health benefits, and attacking our retirement.

With less than six months until the November election, we are getting ready to fight to protect our rights, our jobs, and our unions. Please join us for a one-day session of “Campaign School” to defeat the Corporate Power Grab initiative. 

The training will focus on our message, strategy, tough questions, and skills to mobilize volunteers. The trainers are among the most experienced and effective in California, and the training is suitable for those volunteering in their first campaign as well as people with several campaigns under their belts.

Local 21 members who participate in the training are expected to volunteer six evenings or weekend mornings (Saturday or Sunday) between September 1 and November 6. Local 21 will cover the cost of the training. If you are interested in attending, please contact Rachel Richman, Political and Policy Director at 415.864.2100.

Labor 2012 Campaign School Trainings

  • Saturday June 23 @ Burlingame

  • Saturday June 30 @ Benicia

  • Saturday July 14 @ Oakland and San Jose