Executive Committee Officer Election Results

The Election Committee would like to announce the results for the Executive Officer election. The Election Committee is made up of the following Local 21 members: Tedman Lee, Chair; Al Lujan; Omar Cortez; Dangkhoa Vo; Gloria Lucas Davis; and Tim Carlisle.

All of the races with the exception of two (2): the Vice President for Oakland and the Vice President for San Francisco were uncontested. (None of the union-wide races were contested). Below are the results for all of the offices.

Contested Races:

Election Results:

Election Results: Candidates are listed in order of the number of votes they received. To win, a candidate needed to receive a majority of the votes cast in the race. (* = winner of race) Official Results attached.

Vice President for San Francisco:

A total of 556 ballots were counted out of 3,080eligible voters.

Mary Marzotto*:         486      (89.5%)

Fred Stumpp:              69        (12.4 %)


Vice President forOakland:

A total of 146 ballots were counted out of 619 eligible voters.

Renee Sykes*:             120      (82.7%)

Richard Fuentes:         25        (17.2%)


Uncontested Races:

Dean Coate*

Executive Vice President:
John Mukhar*

Vice President for Membership & Organization:
Larry Griffin*

Vice President for Legislative & Political Action:
Tom Manley*

At-Large Vice President:
Sue Guest*

Eileen Ross*

Mikhael Hart*

Vice President for East Bay:
Anne Henny*

Vice President forSouth Bay:
Ananth Prasad*


The officers will be installed at the Local 21 Delegate Assembly on January 26, 2013.