Delegate Email Poll to Reauthorize Resolution for New Office Space

At the January 2013 Delegate Assembly, Local 21 Delegates overwhelmingly passed a resolution authorizing the Executive Committee to invest a portion of reserves in a new office space for the San Francisco Headquarters.  Located on Mission Street, the potential space is being offered at approximately half the going lease rate for comparable properties in the Mid-Market area and is close to both regional transit and the largest number of San Francisco members.  Even when assuming a significant budget for tenant improvements, the cost to the Union over the 15-year lease is considerably less than comparable options.

As the office space resolution expired in June 2013, the Executive Committee is now asking Delegates through an email poll to extend the same authorization through the January 2014 Delegate Assembly.  The extension is needed because the negotiating process with the landlord is taking longer than expected due to seismic and zoning issues, both of which are nearly resolved.  If you are serving as a Delegate and have not yet had a chance to respond, please make your voice heard and email your vote to:  Polling closes at 5:00pm on Monday September 23rd.