2014 Union Officer Election- Call for Volunteers to Serve on Nominating Committee and Election Committee

Elections for the eleven Local Union officers (also known as the Executive Committee) will be held in November of this year. In accord with the Local 21 bylaws Article XIII Nomination and Installation of Officers, there will be a Nominating Committee and Election Committee to assist with the election. See below for details on the responsibilities for each of the committees.

The Election Committee will be elected at the June 14 Delegate Assembly. Election Committee members should expect to spend between 20-30 hours (not including the day to count the ballots) to complete the committee’s work, depending on possible issues or concerns that may arise. This will include several meetings and/ or conference calls. Committee meetings will likely be held at lunchtime or immediately following work. See below for the section from the bylaws:

         C.            Election Committee

1.     Elections for officers shall be conducted by the Election Committee which shall consist of three (3) regular members in good standing who shall not be candidates for office in the election.  The Delegate Assembly shall elect the three members of the Election Committee, in addition to three (3) alternate members, at the Delegate Assembly meeting at which the budget is adopted in the election year.  The six (6) members and alternate members of the Election Committee shall be from six (6) separate Chapters. 

2.     The Election Committee shall adopt all rules and regulations necessary to comply with applicable laws and to ensure a fair and honest election.

3.     The Election Committee may rely on such clerical and technical assistance as is necessary to con­duct the election and count the ballots.

4.     The Election Committee shall hear and adjudicate all claims involving violations of any election rules and regulations, subject to appeal to the Delegate Assembly.

The Nominating Committee will be appointed at the July 17 Executive Committee meeting. Nominating Committee members should expect to spend between 15-20 hours in completing the committee’s work. This will include 2-3 meetings, conference calls, and outreach calls to possible nominees. Committee meetings will likely be held at lunchtime or immediately following work. See below for the section from the bylaws:

                  B.            Nominations.  At least ninety (90) days prior to the date set for elections in each

even‑numbered year, the Executive Committee shall appoint a regionally diverse Nominating Committee of seven (7) regular members from seven (7) different Chapters.  At least sixty (60) days prior to the election, this committee shall present to the Election Committee a list containing at least one available nominee for each office.  The nominees shall be broadly representative of the membership of the Local Union and diverse in ethnicity, race, age, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity…

If you think you might like to serving on either committee or would like additional information, please send an email to Andrea Prebys-Williams at andrea@ifpte21.org.