Keeping Local 21 Strong

With many of Local 21 Members and Leaders nearing retirement, it’s critical to recruit the next generation of activists.  Nearly 100 Members from across the Bay Area brainstormed ways to reach out to newer, sometimes younger colleagues at our January 24 Delegate Assembly.
As promised, we wanted to share some of the thoughtful, insightful, and quirky ideas for recruiting new activists that came out of the breakout sessions at the Assembly.  These included: hosting happy hours/social events like bowling or movie nights; rebranding Local 21; increasing millenials’ exposure to Labor/Local 21; visibly representing the next generation; offering career trainings, or workshops on topics like student loans; developing a new social media presence that increases Member engagement; utilizing new technology; offering smaller group meetings; collaborating more with social/community groups that overlap with labor values; and much more.
Local 21 Staff and Leaders are reviewing all of the input and developing next steps.  If you would like to help or have an idea, email