2016: Retirement Benefits Under Attack Again

Earlier this month former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed unveiled his proposed 2016 state ballot measure to gut retirement security for public employees.  Still stinging from the court rebuke of his ill-conceived retirement measure in San Jose, he is now pursuing a constitutional amendment to attack public workers.
Under his extreme proposal:

  • State and local public employees hired after January 1, 2019 will not be eligible for regular retirement benefits (also known as “defined benefit” in which a retiree receives a set amount of money every month).

  • Any changes to existing retirement programs will require a vote of the people, circumventing contract negotiations between employees and employers.

 Local 21 is joining with labor unions throughout the state to prepare for what could be a very expensive fight.  Polling, legal analysis, and other issue background work is already underway.
We will be kicking off a major fundraising campaign to oppose this divisive measure. We are asking every member to donate at least $7.50 per paycheck to the TJ Anthony Political Action Fund.   We are hoping that most members will donate $10 per paycheck between now and the November 2016 election.   Members can donate through easy paycheck deductions or by a regular transfer of funds from your checking account.

Donate to the TJ Anthony Fund here.