Housing is a Labor Issue

A Local 21 member activist received special accolades from the International Union last week. In her opening speech at the IFPTE International Convention in Las Vegas, Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO, recognized San Francisco Planner Moses Corrette for his work with Jobs for Justice, a community group that does work around tenants’ rights in the Bay Area. 

The work Moses has done with the organization has helped other L21 members navigate the Bay Area’s difficult housing market, addressing the struggle many are facing with high rents and real estate costs in the Bay Area. In a previous interview with the Express, Moses had mentioned that it is essential to help members stay in the areas they serve in order to be an effective political force on the job and in their communities.   

For this reason, affordable housing continues to be high on the priority list of important labor issues for L21, as it also builds the case for timely collective bargaining wage and benefit increases as not only the economy has improved, but the cost of living has skyrocketed in the Bay Area.
To this end, we have updated our resource guide to assist you with your housing concerns and to connect you with other organizations doing great work helping people like us stand up for our rights to a decent quality of life in the Bay Area.

For more information, see the L21 Housing Resource Guide.