Bob Britton, Mary Marzotto honored at their retirements

At the June 14 Delegate Assembly, two retiring leaders of Local 21 were honored for their service and their vision. Bob Britton, Field Services Director, and Mary Marzotto, San Francisco Chapter Vice President, took time recently to reflect on their years with the local.
Below are some quotes from their interviews, which will appear in their entirety in future Local 21 publications.

Mary Marzotto

“Local 21 members are razor sharp in analyzing budgets, spending and deficits.  They understand that our victories are not measured by what we’ve won or lost but by whether what we’ve done has grown the union and made it stronger.”

Bob Britton

“While other unions are struggling (and public sector unions are now the hardest hit), Local 21 is seeing greater success than ever. In my 16 years with Local 21, we have continued to grow the membership and improve on our work.  We now enjoy services the local could only dream of when I came to work here.”