Employers Overreach on Health Care Proposals

As a union that spans the entire length of the Bay Area, constantly involved in negotiations somewhere, we have our ear to the ground when it comes to employer trends.

One trend we have noted is occurring around employers overreaching on healthcare proposals dealing with the Affordable Care Act, or more specifically, the ‘Cadillac’ tax. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Solano County to Contra Costa Water District, employers are pushing extreme proposals seeking to either gut our members’ healthcare plans or to push unrealistic contribution increase on to our members.

Local 21 most recently saw this in Solano County and the Contra Costa Water District, and we expect to see more of it. For this reason L21 continues to conduct in-depth research on possible changes to the Act under consideration in Washington D.C. We are also beginning a sweeping review of the law and how other unions and employers across the country are beginning to prepare.

We will continue to fight the introduction of bronze plans, the full assumption of the 40% excise tax, and other proposals we have seen on the table. We will do so with thorough research, sound principles, and a strong membership.

Stay Tuned!