Employee Development Fund to Open This Week

The online portal for Local 21 members to submit approval requests for employee development is expected to open this week.

As we reported in the June Cityline, Local 21 has been negotiating a settlement with the City after numerous Local 21 members came forward with problems relating to reimbursement from the Employee Development Fund (EDF). Thanks to the many members who responded to the call for information, Local 21 has been able to provide numerous documented examples of problems to the City.

Though this process is ongoing, it is important that Local 21 members continue to use the EDF, rather than shy away due to the City’s delays and onerous requests for documentation. The main way Local 21 was able to increase the EDF from $500k to $750k in previous negotiations was maxing out our use of it, and we certainly want to do that again this year to show the need for increasing the EDF budget in 2017 negotiations.