Local 21 Recommendations for the November 2016 Election are Out!

This may be the most important Presidential election in our lifetime, and it’s imperative that everyone vote. However there are many local reasons to vote at the polls or by mail this fall as well. Who is elected to local public office and which ballot measures win or lose have a direct impact on our jobs, professional development, wages, benefits, retirement security and our ability to provide the public with the top-quality services they deserve.

It’s Official!

Here are the official endorsements of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21.  Please note that these are the endorsements as of 8/1/16 and that more endorsements are forthcoming.

Local 21’s endorsement process is democratic, nonpartisan and member-driven.  You can find our procedures and criteria here.

Help Local 21 Pack a Punch in November!

Everyone knows that campaigns depend on volunteers and campaign donations to be successful. At Local 21, we know that local candidates and ballot measures have a direct affect on bargaining and therefore on raises and benefits for members. We also know that candidates and ballot measures effect our communities and the populations Local 21 members serve. Local 21 invites you to take action and help shape the upcoming election.

Join your colleagues to volunteer to walk door to door or make phone calls to friendly voters to educate them about the candidates and ballot measures we are supporting.

Another important way to help is by donating to the Fund for Political Action (COPE).  We are asking every member to donate $7.50 per check. Visit here to sign up.  It’s easy and takes just a few clicks to sign up.

If you have any questions or want to volunteer please contact Rachel Richman, Policy and Political Director at rrichman@ifpte21.org.