CCSF 2017 Bargaining Team Announced

San Francisco VP, Gus Vallejo
In photo above: San Francisco VP, Gus Vallejo

Bargaining season is almost upon us. The CCSF (City and County of San Francisco) contract expires on June 30, 2017, and Local 21 leaders begin bargaining with the City in January.

Wasting no time in preparing for negotiations, San Francisco Vice President Gus Vallejo announced the 2017 CCSF Bargaining Team at the Oct. 19 Local 21 San Francisco Council meeting.

“I think it’s important that we have a good mix of seasoned veterans and new faces that ensures we build capacity for Local 21,” said Gus. The 2017 Bargaining Team is comprised of 56% returning members and 44% new members.

“We’re proud to have more young folks and people of color around the table. It will be great to have them participate in the bargaining process,” said Local 21 Executive Director Bob Muscat. 67% of the Bargaining Team are people of color, and 30% are women.

“It’s important that the members of the team agreed to shoulder the responsibility of negotiating for over 5,000 represented members and their families while still being committed to their jobs and responsibilities,” said Gus. Bargaining Team members were chosen to proportionally represent their respective chapters, Departments, and source of funding (General Fund Departments vs Enterprise Departments).

Where possible, Alternates from the last Bargaining Team were transitioned to Core team members. You can view the 2017 Bargaining Team list here. Local 21 members can make their voices heard and support the Bargaining Team by watching out for the bargaining survey in the next few days. The Bargaining Team will be reviewing the surveys to set contract priorities.

If you have questions about the Bargaining Team, feel free contact your chapter leadership.