Employee Development Fund Out of Money for FY 2016-2017

Local 21 has received notice from the Department of Human Resources (DHR) that all funds in the Local 21 Employee Development Fund (EDF) for FY 16-17 have been fully encumbered (reserved).  If you already received pre-approval for your expense, this will not affect you. But if you were planning to apply for pre-approval, the fund is exhausted at this time.

DHR’s online system is not accepting any additional FY16/17 pre-approval requests for Local 21. The system will re-open if employees cancel requests and money is released into the fund. If the system is re-opened, DHR will notify Department approvers and post an announcement online here.

Local 21 is aware of the problems coming out of the broken EDF system, and we continue to work with DHR to improve the flawed process.