Local 21 Member Leaders Recommend a “Yes” Vote on the Tentative Extension Agreement

Plus: TEA Ratification Details

IFPTE Local 21 reached a Tentative Extension Agreement (TEA) with the City of San Francisco to extend the contract for 2 years with raises that will keep members level with cost of living increases. 4,500 CCSF (City and County of San Francisco) chapter members will have the chance to vote on the TEA in the coming weeks. The TEA is the first of its kind in history, with 33 San Francisco public unions joining together. The TEAs all have the same major terms, with 3% wage increases each year. All of the contracts have a provision that would push raises back 6 months in year 2 in the event the City’s 2018 March Joint Report shows a projected budget deficit of more than $200 million. For full details of the TEA, click here.

Read the actual TEA here. Read the side letter here.

For the FAQs, click here.

The Local 21 San Francisco Council, Local 21’s member-elected leadership body, voted overwhelmingly to recommend the TEA. Before the vote, member leaders from all over the city were assigned to talk with members in their chapters, and they reported back to the Council that member support for the Agreement’s terms was overwhelmingly favorable.

Local 21 Executive Director Bob Muscat said, “Given the new Trump administration and the possible funding cuts coming, we see the advantage of having a closed contract that is both fair and smart.”

See what member leaders say about the TEA:

“I have spoken with members about the extension and the consensus is that given the economic uncertainty we face with the new administration; a secure contract is the right way to go.”
– Gus Vallejo, Local 21 San Francisco Vice President


“In my 17 years working for the city of San Francisco, I can only recall one other instance when a contract extension was appropriate. That was during the economic crisis of 2008. Only in extraordinary circumstances can the union rightfully and with good conscience recommend a contract extension rather than seek bargaining with our employer. We are now in extraordinary times, and I believe this is an appropriate time to forgo full bargaining over non-wage issues in the contract to ensure our wages are on par with the CPI. The union is not giving up anything, the city is not giving up anything. Both parties recognize the need to move forward in this economically stable contract extension.”
– Moses Corrette, Local 21 Treasurer, Planners Chapter, 2017 Bargaining Team

“Given the political climate, I think it’s a fair deal for both the City and the workers. It doesn’t disproportionately favor the workers or the City. It gives us security during uncertain times.”
– Tedman Lee, Local 21 Professional Engineers Chapter, 2017 Bargaining Team


“Considering San Francisco is a sanctuary city that has filed a lawsuit against the current Presidential administration, 6% over two years is a good deal. It’d be great if we can quickly ratify this agreement so we can support the City in its fight to retain its values of inclusion and being welcoming to everyone.”
– JR Santos, Local 21 Accountants & Auditors Chapter, 2017 Bargaining Team

“After speaking with several Local 21 members in my building, I received positive feedback on the Tentative Agreement. Most members supported the 6% raise over the next two years. There were a few concerns about unresolved issues, but some of those can be resolved via labor management committees, member action, and grievances. I’m hopeful that the general membership will support the recommendation of the SF Council and ratify the Tentative Extension Agreement.”
-Teri Dowling, Local 21 Healthcare Chapter, 2017 Bargaining Team

“Given the challenging times and uncertainty of the next few years, I felt ‘a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush.’  Agreeing on a contract with minimal debate and hostility should allow everyone –– union represented city San Francisco workers, and the S.F. administration ­­–– to work together to protect California and San Francisco values, defining a pathway to a better future.”
Paul Bignardi, Local 21 Planners Chapter, 2017 Bargaining Team

“I voted for the Tentative Agreement because of the Presidential election.  I felt, along with my co-workers, that it’s best to forego negotiations and lock in pay raises, because we’re facing an administration whose policies are hostile to our members’ values and interests. The next few months could easily bring more intimidation and confusion from Washington D.C., making it difficult for us to negotiate with the City from a position of strength.  It makes sense for our members and the City be on the same side as we take on the challenges of this new administration; I encourage our members to accept the City’s offer.”
-Steve Mungovan, Local 21 Health/Safety Inspectors Chapter, 2017 Bargaining Team

Ratification Schedule

The ratification vote on the CCSF Tentative Extension Agreement will take place starting on February 27 and will run through March 6. Secret ballot voting will take place at the below worksites at the listed times. You can view the most recent version of the ratification schedule below, or download a PDF version of it here.




2/27-3/3 9am-5pm

Local 21 Office, 1167 Mission St.

2nd Floor

2/27  12pm-1pm

850 Bryant St

Rm 436

2/27  12pm-1:30pm

One South Van Ness

Atrium, 2nd Fl

2/27 3pm-4pm

1380 Howard St

Conference Room 515

2/27 10am-11am

1680 Mission St

3rd Floor Cafeteria

2/27  12pm-1pm

30 Van Ness Ave

University Conf Rm, 3rd Fl

2/27 1pm-1:30pm

30 Van Ness Ave

3rd Fl Foyer

2/27 3pm-4pm

170 Otis St

2nd Floor Conference Room

2/28  12pm-1pm

1650 Mission St

Rm 431

2/28 10am-11am

101 Grove St

Break room 409

2/28  12pm-1:30pm

City Hall

Rm 408

2/28 3pm-4pm

1455 Market St

Erin Brokovich Conf room 12th fl

2/28  12pm-1:30pm

525 Golden Gate Ave

Yosemite Conf Rm, 2nd Fl

2/28 3pm-4pm

1390 Market St

2nd Floor Mezzanine

3/1 10am-11am

375 Laguna Honda Bl


3/1  12pm-1:30pm

750 Phelps St

Conference Rm 930

3/1 3pm-4pm

2789 – 25th Street

Break room

3/1 7:30-8:30am

1508 Bancroft Ave

Break room

3/1  12pm-1:30pm

1001 Potrero Ave

Room 2A6, Building 5

3/1 3pm-4pm

1990 Newcomb Ave

Downstairs conference room

3/2  12pm-1pm

City Hall

Rm 421

3/2 11pm-11:45am

101 New Montgomery St

4th fl, front entry area

3/2  12pm-1:30pm

Pier 1, The Embarcadero

Engineering Conference Area

3/2 3pm-4pm

1245 3Rd St

Firehouse Community Room

3/2 10:45-11:30am

1657 Rollins Road

Reception Area

3/2  12pm-1:30pm

710 N Mcdonnell Rd

Conference Rm B

3/2 3pm-4pm

1000 El Camino Real

Conference room near sign in

3/3 10am-11am

100 Larkin St

Library Atrium

3/3  12pm-1:30pm

1145 Market St

6th Fl, Large Conf Rm

3/3 3pm-4pm

1011 Turk Street


3/3 10am-11am

1660 Mission St

Conference room 2001

3/3  12pm-1:30pm

1650 Mission St

Rm 431

3/3 3pm-4pm

25 Van Ness Ave


3/6  12pm-1pm



3/6 10:30am-11:30am

606 Manseau


3/6 4pm-4:30pm

8563 Calaveras Rd