TrumpCare Gets Worse: Get Ready for ZOMBIECARE!

We celebrated a big victory recently when House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the ‘replacement’ for the Affordable Care Act off the House floor. If approved, it would have thrown millions of Californians off of the ACA and Medi-Cal, punching a huge hole in local government budgets.

However, there are indications that efforts to repeal the ACA will continue. The latest version, dubbed “ZombieCare” by opponents, would be even worse than the first version of “TrumpCare,” which would have cut health insurance to 24 million people while increasing costs for the elderly and most vulnerable members of the population. ZombieCare would keep all the worst parts of the last version and add things like an expedited end to the expansion of Medi-Cal, allow insurance companies to cap how much they pay for your care, and let insurance companies sell policies that don’t cover basic health care needs like maternity care or hospitals. This version is so extreme that the votes were not there to take it up before they went on spring break.

An additional threat is the fate of the $700 million that helps low income people cover the cost of deductibles and co-pays. In the coming weeks, the Trump administration will make a decision about whether to support a pending lawsuit that claims the money is being spent without proper Congressional authorization.

If 21 Republican Congress members join their Democratic colleagues in voting ‘no’, the bill will fail. So far, 17 have committed to oppose. That’s why reaching out to 6 California Republican Congress members who have so far declined to take a position is so critical. A key vote is Congressman Jeff Denham (Modesto and Tracy).

Here’s how you can help persuade the 6 votes we need to oppose this extreme measure:

Walk door to door in Congressman Jeff Denham’s district to talk to voters about the ACA and encourage them to contact his office.
April 23 10 AM – 4 PM
North Valley Labor Federation
538 McHenry, Modesto
RSVP: Mike

Reach out to voters in Congressman Denham’s District to urge them to attend his Town Halls or call his office in support of the ACA.  Bring your cell phone, a laptop and a charger with you.
4/22 1-4 Berkeley RSVP:


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