Local 21 Represented Employees Can Look Forward to a 3% Raise on July 1

Local 21 represented San Francisco employees can look forward to a 3% raise on July 1, 2017. And unlike years previous, Local 21 has ensured that the City will not round the raises to the nearest number, thereby ensuring that everyone gets their full raise.

The 3% raise stems from the Extension Agreement that Local 21 members ratified in January. The Extension Agreement extends the current contract between CCSF and Local 21. It retains all its protections while making only a few changes, the most important of which is securing wage increases.

You can view the full CCSF (City and County of San Francisco) Contract and Extension Agreement language here.
Local 21’s Tentative Extension Agreement includes the following:

  • 3% increase effective 7/1/17

  • 3% increase effective 7/1/18 unless the City’s 2018 March Joint Report shows a projected budget deficit of more than $200 million, in which case the 3% increase will take place 6 months later, on 1/1/19 instead.

  • The City has also agreed to eliminate pay increase rounding (the City has been rounding pay increases to the nearest number, resulting in some employees losing money). Now, employees will get the full amount of the raise without rounding. The City also made a commitment to address other contract issues at our Union City Relation Committee (UCRC).

The City and Local 21, along with 32 other unions, thought the extension was beneficial in part because of the politically tumultuous times. Local 21 Executive Director Bob Muscat said, “Given the new Trump administration and the possible funding cuts coming, we see the advantage of having a closed contract that is both fair and smart.”

Gus Vallejo, Local 21 San Francisco Vice President, added, “The consensus is that given the economic uncertainty we face with the new administration; a secure contract was the right way to go.”

Members agreed. The Extension Agreement vote had the highest amount of member turnout in recent years; 95% of those who cast ballots voted in favor of the Agreement.

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