Big Year for Local 21 at the Bargaining Table

71% of Local 21 Members Are In Negotiations In 2017

2017 is an unprecedented year for Local 21. With no less than 17 bargaining tables taking place this year, the majority of Local 21’s members are engaged in struggles for strong contracts with their employers.

Bargaining is something Local 21 takes a great deal of pride in. Our union of workers has a history of fighting strong and fighting smart. The goal of every bargaining table is to get the best deal that is possible in each specific set of circumstances.

Getting to that deal takes a lot of preparation, ranging from member identification of issues, to research and analysis of budgets, to a fine understanding of political nuance. Getting to a deal also takes solidarity and engagement during the course of the contract campaign. That means members turning out for actions, staying informed about the status of bargaining, and standing unified with bargaining teams and co-workers. When a bargaining team doesn’t have a visibly unified membership behind them, the employer knows it and the team is significantly weakened at the table. When we stand together, we win stronger contracts!

To give you an idea of where your fellow union members are, here is a quick look at the status of Local 21 tables around the Bay:

  • Alameda County Engineers:“We have been negotiating since May, major issues include cost of living increases and defending health care.”

  • Alameda County Unit 16 and Zone 7:“Negotiating began in May, with focus on cost of living increases and defending health care for both groups.”  

  • East Bay Mud:“This group has been bargaining since February and is still not yet close to a deal. The main issue for these workers is healthcare.”

  • Berkeley Unified School District:“This group is bargaining a limited reopener, predominantly on non-economics. Proposals will be ‘sunshined’ (made public) next week.”

  • City of Oakland: “Negotiations have begun and we are making some progress with the City of Oakland on one of our top priorities: improving work/home life balance.” 

  • City and County of San Francisco:“The CCSF contract was extended in January for 2 years, with 6% wage increases. The historic deal was also reached with 32 other city unions along with Local 21.” 

  • Golden Gate Bridge District Engineers and Allied:“These groups won a 3 year contract extension with 9% wage increases. The contract is locked in and ratified.”

  • San Francisco Redevelopment Employees Association (OCII): “Local 21 and OCII reached agreement on a 2-year contract extension that mimics CCSF’s wage increases of 6% over 2 years.”

  • San Francisco Unified School District: “Negotiations at San Francisco Unified School District began in April and are ongoing, major issues include winning significant equity adjustments and addressing the 50% exempt hiring problem.”

  • San Francisco Superior Courts Reporters and Professionals:“Negotiations have been postponed due to the budget crisis.  All units are currently bargaining a 1 year extension with 11 mandatory furlough days.”

  • Solano County Managers:“Negotiations are set to begin on June 27. We look forward to securing a fair agreement that improves wages and benefits, and promotes a healthy, positive work environment.” 

  • West Contra Costa County Unified School District:“There is a salary re-opener this summer. The goal is to negotiate competitive wage increase that reflects the increased cost living in the Bay Area ”

  • Alameda Co. Defenders: “The first bargaining session occurred on June 23. The focus in these negotiations is on preserving benefits and winning a cost-of-living adjustment.”

  • Alameda Co. Counsels“Negotiations with the County have been ongoing since April. Life /work balance and fair wage increases are some of the major priorities for the members.” 

  • Alameda County Management Engineers:“Preparation for negotiations will be underway shortly, and bargaining will begin in a few months.”