City of Sunnyvale

The Sunnyvale Employees’ Association represents approximately 485 employees in 170 job classifications. Planners, engineers, parks maintenance, public works maintenance workers, water pollution control operators, mechanics, clerical, accounting and technical staff, as well as librarians and community services.

Chapter Info

Staff Representatives

Romandha Celestin,

Chapter Leadership

  1. Markus Bracamonte, President/DELEGATE
  2. Martin Schmidt, Vice President, DELEGATE
  3. Ingrid Christiansen, Treasurer
  4. Mary Lindemuth, Secretary, DELEGATE 
  5. Lea Velasco, Area Representative, DELEGATE
  6. Gena Cortez, Area Representative, DELEGATE
  7. Pamela Dunn, Area Representative, DELEGATE
  8. Geraldo Cadenas, Area Representative, DELEGATE
  9. Justin Driscoll, Area Representative, DELEGATE
  10. Richard Woo, Area Representative, DELEGATE
  11. Bailey Militano, Area Representative
  12. Jeff Cucinotta, Area Representative
  13. Robert Brusco, Area Representative
  14. Marco Maytorena, Area Representative
  15. Ramon Alvarez, Area Representative
  16. Liliana Pacheco, Area Representative 
  17. Vacant, Area Representative
  18. Vacant, Area Representative
  19. Vacant, Area Representative
  20. Vacant, Area Representative

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